Posted on 12 November 2016

Kate Hudson knows about it. Mila Kunis, Nicole Kidman and Sofia Vergara know about it. And the Olsen Twins even have their own line.

What are we referring to? Only one of beauty’s best kept secrets to date. Perfume oils. Often overlooked in favour of its more glamorous and ubiquitous cousin, the designer spray perfume, this ‘Ugly Betty’ of the fragrance world could be the next big trend in the beauty industry. But will you or you won’t you end up ditching the spritz? Here are some facts which could help change your beauty regime forever.

Why perfume oil over standard spray perfume?

Perfume is generally associated with designer-branded, department-store bought, spray fragrances, which consist of small quantities of perfume oil mixed with a ‘filler’, usually an alcohol / ethanol solution, called Ethyl Alcohol. This substance is what gives the impression a perfume is considerably stronger than it actually is and then causes the scent to fade quickly as it evaporates on the skin. Ethyl Alcohol can also mask some of the subtle notes of many fragrances as well as cause skin allergies to flare up – so oils are a great alternative for people with sensitive skin. 

With the absence of such fillers, perfume oils are more concentrated, last longer, offer a more understated appeal and won’t offend anyone in a packed elevator. Perfume oils are a more “sensual” fragrance, combining with the skin for a more personal scent experience.

Still not a convert? You might be surprised to know that perfume oils have a lower price point than designer-branded, department-store bought fragrances so you can make your next scent purchase guilt free!

How perfume oils should be worn

Despite the fact perfume oils have only recently started growing in popularity, their history dates back to ancient Egypt when fine scented oils were presented to royalty as gifts. Legend states that Cleopatra seduced Caesar with her beauty along with the help of heavily perfumed oil. And Coco Chanel advised to wear perfume ‘wherever one wants to be kissed.’ Undoubtedly there is definitely good practices to be aware of when wearing perfume oils. Here are a few:

Best time to apply.  The best time to apply is when you’re fresh out of the shower and your skin is clean and damp.  Apply an unscented moisturiser wherever you’re going to use your scent.  This will make the oil last longer on your skin.  

Best places to apply. To ensure maximum impact, apply the oil on your pulse points. This is where the skin is especially warm and where there is good blood circulation. This is because heat helps diffuse and magnify the aroma of fragrance. The “pulse points” on the body are the perfect activators for perfume oil. Pulse points include: Inside the wrists, inside the elbows, the temples, below the ear lobes (not behind), at the base of the throat, behind the knees and anywhere else you feel a heartbeat. And remember, once you have applied the oil do not rub it into your skin, as this crushes the structure of the scent.

Experiment with your perfume oils.  As wonderful as it is to have a signature scent, don’t be afraid to mix it up a bit.  Swipe on two different scents to create something new. Of course, lighter fragrances are usually easier to layer. Mixing evening or heavy scents can just end up giving you and your companion a headache!

Not just for the skin!? There are other uses for your perfume oils.

As if you needed any more reasons to convert to perfume oils, you should know that you don’t have to stop at just putting perfume oils on your skin! Goodness no. There are so many uses for perfume oil, but here are just a few:

Add a few drops of perfume oil to the water in a steam iron to lace clothes with your favourite fragrance, or rinse lingerie in scented water. You can also give a beautiful fragrance to your clothes by adding a few drops of perfume oil to padded hangers. If you love a scent in your hair, add a few drops of perfume oil on your hairbrush or comb before use.

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